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Paying Tribute

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We pay tribute to¬†those¬†working to establish September 11 as a National Day of Voluntary Service, Charity, and Good Deeds, and by encouraging individuals, employers and groups to perform good deeds during the week of September 11 each year. One Day’s Pay is not affiliated with any charity or organization. Our mission is to support all worthy causes.
People and organizations that make pledges on our site will not be called or solicited in any way. It is entirely up to each or group to investigate their opportunities, to decide what they want to do and to plan their activities. However, through One Day’s Pay partners, many choices and ideas are presented on our Web site.
One Day’s Pay and the initiative are supported privately through generous contributions made by founders, suppliers, individuals, corporations, foundations and other funding organizations. The organization received approval of its tax-exempt applications by the IRS and the states of California and New York.